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Puppy Potty Training Instructor: Amanda Fedric

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In the Puppy Potty Training course, you will learn to use positive reinforcement to get the most thorough and solid foundation for potty training with your puppy.  This course includes information that is useful to dog owners of all breeds and ages, and these techniques can be practiced by anyone, regardless of experience!  Make the most progress in potty training with your puppy and save yourself the headache of cleaning puppy puddles for longer than necessary.

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Solve For X Graphic


Scientific equations are included for measurable ways to make sure your puppy's limitations are understood, respected, and that all basic needs are being met while we regulate our intake and train to hold our bladders.

Potty Flow Chart

Helpful Guides & CHARTS

Helpful flow charts are available to give guidance to those who are more visually inclined. These are printable and easy to understand, no matter your age or level of experience. Post these around your puppy zone to help your care team provide consistent reinforcement in line with the most current humane and effective potty training methods.

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